Pros and Cons of Going Solar

Solar is not right for everyone. At Triple Line Solar we take a *consultative* approach. We show you how much you will save and how long it will take to recover your investment. Most homeowners will save from day one, some will save a little at first but insulate themselves from rate hikes, and others have such a low bill that solar doesn’t make financial sense.

Here is a list of the pros and cons of going solar:

Reduced Electricity Bills: The #1 reason most homeowners go solar! Few people would purchase or lease a solar system if it increased their bills. Most solar customers can reduce electricity bills immediately. Major savings are realized over the lifetime of the system.

Insulated from Energy Rate Hikes: If you finance your solar purchase, your payment will remain constant for the life of your loan. If you continue to pay retail electric prices, you can count on a 6% increase every year.

Zero Emissions: The sun shines on your solar panels and produces electricity. Unlike the gas in your car, generator, or coal-fueled power plants, solar produces zero pollution-causing emissions.

Tax Credit: Until the end of 2016, if you owe taxes like most working Americans, you can take 30% of your system cost as a tax credit (unless you lease the system.) We advise asking your tax professional if you can take advantage of this limited-time tax credit.

Low Maintenance: Solar has no moving parts so there are few points of failure.

Silent: Unlike a noisy generator, solar is silent.

Promotes USA Energy Independence: Why use fossil fuels from far-away places? The sunlight shining on your roof is located in USA!

Initial Investment: A typical solar system averages between $18,000 and $25,000. Making a fixed payment through financing varies but could be about $250 per month. If this typical payment is more than your average monthly bill, it may not be an easy investment to make, although in the long run, it may still work out to be a substantial savings over paying rising energy costs.

ROI over years not months: For most, the goal of going solar is to reduce your energy bills and eventually have a source of free electricity. Patience is required to realize the return on your investment, typically, 5-6 years.

Requires Space: While most homeowners have plenty of space on their roof or property (ground mounted solar), unlike using grid electricity, it does require adequate roof or ground space.

Storage is Expensive: Many homeowners desire the ability to store electricity so they are grid-free or “off-grid” as much as possible. Unfortunately due to the high cost of batteries, going off-grid is not feasible for more homeowners and instead must enter into a “net-metering” agreement with their local utility.

Our approach is very transparent. We want you to go solar right and with your eyes wide open. Call us today 951.677.2006×4 or fill out our quick solar quote form at and let us analyze if solar is a sound investment for you and your family.