Pricing & $0 Financing

Basic Starter System - $3.00/Watt $8,700 contract $6,000 final go solar price $6,000!!!! Whoa!

2,900 Watts (10) 290W American made modules & inverters. includes our signature in wall wiring
  • This 3,000 Watt system is made up of 10 solar modules and produce and estimated 5,000kWh per year. This is equivalent offset to what air conditioing adds to your annual bill. In other words you can install this system or unplug you air conditioner and it will have same impact on your bill. Based on 10hours per day, 30 days a month 5 months a year.

cost per month 300w

BELOW Average user - $2.80/Watt $17,052 contract $11,936 Final Go Solar Price $12,000!!!

6,090 Watts (21) 290W American made modules inverters. includes our signature in wall wiring
  • Do you consider yourself frugal? Not a big user of electricity? But maybe you would still like to eliminate this monthly bill? Or maybe you just got an electric car or hot tub and expect greater electric bills. A 6,000 Watt solar system is some serious power. In good conditions the system should generate around 10,000 kWh per year.

pricing matrix below average

Average User - $2.65/ Watt $20,750 contract $14,525 Final Go Solar Price! $14,525!!

7,830 Watts (27) 290W American made modules & inverters. includes our signature in-wall wiring.
  • When you drive around Riverside County and see solar panels on people roof this is the average size system. After 11 years and 1,000+ installations this is what I see going up the most. So, in terms of electric usage, do you think you average? This is a great midpoint flag for guessing at the size system you need

pricing matrix average

ABOVE Average User - $2.40/Watt $27,840 contract $19,488 final go solar price WOW!

11,600 Watts (40) 290W American made modules & inverters. includes our signature in-wall wiring.
  • Do you feel you use a lot of electricity? Are your electric bills are 'killing you'? Maybe you work from home or having extended family living with you. Running air conditioining longer than average can really jack up your bill. This 11kW system is great for those with large electric bills. Image what you could do with these monthly savings? Buy a car?

pricing matrix above average

$0 down no money out of pocket financing


SWITCHING TRACKS: That's what this is all about.  Consider you already are paying for electricity. Right?  This isn't a conversation about adding another bill.   Your electric is a never ending monthly subscription. And there's no competitor to switch to. And it's price is always slowly increasing. It's a one way ticket up , up , up and your locked in. Great visual huh?

Solar isn't for everyone.  What did I just say?  That's right, it' not for everyone.  It either pencils out or it doesn't.  If your average electric bill is over $150, and especially if it’s over $200, going solar will save you money. Most of my customers have an ROI of 4-6 years and some as little as three!  Whether you purchase your system outright or choose a financing option, going solar will result in a lower monthly energy payment and could save you thousands annually. If you finance your solar system, the monthly payment will be lower than your current electric bill. So your saving will be modest.  But once that loan is paid off, you've got free electricity for the rest of your life.  Imagine having an extra $150-$400/month to play with. 


Going solar will most likely save you thousands; can you afford not to go solar? 


"But Jeff, I don't have $14,000 in cash laying around. I don't even have a $1,000 for a deposit. Do you have financing?"

YES! But you'll never see me offering leases or power purchase agreements. I only sell and install customer owned systems.

I have a great loan offer for you.  This company I use offers loans specific for solar called a "combo loan". As you may know there is a 30% tax credit for solar systems.  My financial company will break your loan into two parts; 70% of contract amount and 30% of contract amount.  .  The 30% loan is no payment, no interest for 18 months. Essentially free money.  Within that 18 months you will get your tax credit and pay the 30% loan off. (These guys are fronting you the tax credit.) From Day 1 you are only making payments on the 70%.

100% of the project cost can be financed. No down payment required.
• Loan amounts from $5,000 to $75,000.
• Proof of Income will be waived on most applications.
• Borrower(s) credit score must be 650 or higher and meet all other program criteria.
• Borrower(s) debt ratio cannot exceed 50%.
• Property must be owner-occupied.
• At least one of the borrowers must be listed as owner on the property title.
First payment due date can be up to 90-days from the loan date.
• Progress payment checks payable to contractors, and mailed directly to borrowers.
• All applications must be submitted 24/7 online or via phone by either the contractor or borrower.
• All approvals are contingent upon receipt and review of all required stipulations.
• Contractor fee deducted from contractor via ACH at funding. Not listed on borrower docs.
• No equity required. FHA/VA okay.
• No concurrent financing with other programs. No leases. No reverse mortgages.
• Borrower(s) must be able to present a CA Driver License or CA Identification Card.

This loan can be used for pool heating and whole house fan installation as well.


And then for those who don't have the best credit or a rich Uncle, but you still really, really, really want solar there is PACE financing, popularly known as HERO program.   I only recommend this to people who have no plans to sell or refi their home for a long time AND have no real other means to money.

From excellent credit to no credit,  options are available to you.

Call me  to ask me any question I wasn't clear about here.  951-677-2006 is my direct number. I do pickup at non-business hours. So you can call me on your way to work or after dinner. Texting is always good too.

I hope this helped.

Blue Skies,

Jeff "That Solar Guy" Van Dam

"There's nothing special about purchasing solar, it's a big ticket item and paying cash will always be the most affordable route" - Me