Battery Backup and Off Grid

Triple Line Solar is your go-to contractor for both solar powered battery back-up systems and complete off-grid applications.  Due to their complexity, these systems should be installed by a solar contractor who is qualified with advanced design skills.



If your home is or will be connected to the power company but you want to install a solar system for the purpose of offsetting the cost of electricity AND be able to use those solar panels to power your home during a grid outage: View our BATTERY BACK-UP Systems



If your home is not or will not be connected to the power company and you want to install a solar system for the purpose of being the primary source of electricity: View our OFF-GRID Solar Systems

At first glance the two types of systems look almost identical. What’s the difference between a battery back-up system and an off-grid system?

1.) Battery back-up systems will include a “critical load sub-panel”. During a grid outage only circuits wired to this subpanel will be power from your batteries and solar.

2.) Battery Back-up systems use an inverter that has the ability to back-fed the grid, whereas the off-grid inverter does not have that technology

3.) Battery Back-up inverters have an internal auto-transfer/disconnect from the grid for when the power goes out. Off-grid inverters do not have these internal components because…they’re not connected to a grid!

4.) Off-grid systems power the entire home/building.

5.) Off-grid systems always have generators.

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