Solar Pool Heating

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Be The Family Hero - provide warm water

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You can heat your pool with inexpensive black solar panels installed on your roof and never use gas to heat your pool again.  And it's warm every day from spring to fall. Imagine daily swimming because the water is bathtubish. Imagine night swimming. Imagine every one in the pool! Swimming is so much more fun when everyone is in. No one likes cold water and no one likes the gas bill that comes with a warm pool.   Solar pool heating systems are practical, reliable, cost-effective, and healthier for people and the environment.

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Our solar panels are fed water from your existing pool’s filter pump.  The technology is ancient.  Water travels through black pipes where it is sucks the heat out and then returned to your pool. When the water has reached your desired temperature an automated valve by-passes the solar panels and returns directly to the pool in a closed loop..

If I created a world where everyone in the family could just walk right into the pool because it was so warm, I'd be the hero of the family.

Yes you would!  No one likes cold water.  Once you’ve invested in a pool, it only makes sense to get the most enjoyment you can from it. But if your pool is too cold to use for many months at a time, you are not realizing the full benefit of your investment. Heating your pool with a solar powered pool heater can double your swim season. Plus, having such a unique, eco-friendly feature can add greatly to the value of your home.

Approximately how much does it cost to make me the family Hero?

Most hero making systems cost less than $5,000 and with $0 down financing that works out to about $50/month OAC.

How much will my solar pool heater cost to operate?

Since the sun’s energy is free, there are NO operating costs! The pump doesn't not need to run additional hours. The water is heated during normal daily filtering operation.

How well does solar energy heat a pool?

A properly designed solar pool heater system can heat your entire pool to a walk right in temperature. In the summer time the automated system will bypass the solar panels if the pool temp is above your set point.

How many solar panels do this Hero need?

We design systems from a few factors but the main one is a comparison of surface area of the pool to the surface area of the array.  We'd like the array to be a minimum of 50-80% for depending on depth and shade. For example a 20' x 30' pool is 600sqft.  We would want an array of solar panels equal to 50-80% of that, which is 300-480sqft. Each solar panel is 4' wide but the come in different lengths.  We figure out how many could fit and where.


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01 pool solar 3 way valve
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What is the Warranty on these systems?

The manufacturer has a limited 10 year warranty and we offer a matching 10 year craftsmanship warranty on our work.

What's included in the system?

The main components are the large black roof mounted 'collectors' or solar panels.  They are anchored to the roof with two aluminum brackets per panel. Each bracket has two anchors.  To keep the wind from blowing them apart, straps are installed and anchored throughout the array.

At your equipment a 3 way electric valve is installed to divert water to either the roof or along its original path.  Two sensors, one for water, one for air tell the Solar Pool CONTROLLER what the environment is like. Based on your settings the valve will divert water to the roof for heating if conditions are met. Easy peasy fresh and squeezy. You literally turn a knob colder to hotter.



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