Where do I find my kilowatt usage?

When considering a new solar system, it behooves you to locate your kilowatt usage. Many people “guestimate” their average electric bill. Any solar company can give you a quote to offset an average electric bill. But, think about it. Solar is a major investment in your home and finances. It has the power to secure your energy future and become a signifiant money-saving investment. You want to get this right! Even if you think “Well, I’m going to use more/less next year,” it’s still important to gather your past 12 months of kilowatt usage. In many cases, your utility will prevent you from activating your solar system if the system will over-produce more than approximately 105% of your historical usage. Utilities do not want to be in the business of buying electricity from homeowners, they would much rather sell it to you!

Most of our customers are in SCE territory so we’ll start with a few images detailing how can locate the historical usage data:

Online: Here is an image showing the click path through SCE.com. (Warning, do NOT click the Green Button data! This will give you a massive spreadsheet in 15 minute increments!)




Paper Bills: This method requires that you have your past 12 months of paper bills. Click on the image to the left to see where you can locate your monthly kilowatt usage.

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