About Us

Letter from Owner Jeff Van Dam

Welcome to Triple Line Solar’s website. We install solar electric systems on residential and commercial applications throughout Southern California. We pride ourselves with the craftsmanship of our installations, the trustworthiness of our uniformed crews, and the constant communication we provide during your project. From the modules and inverters down to a simple wire connector, we only use the best electrical components available in the industry. Our operations are based out of our solar showroom in Murrieta, CA where we welcome you to stop in and visit our Solar Learning Center. We’ve created a space for you to ask all those questions you’ve ever had about solar and from our large screen monitor we can check out your home via Google Earth and see how much solar you could fit.

If you’re tired of living in a dark house at night and fear the thermostat during the summer, give us a call. With solar loans and new financing opportunities provided by the manufacturers, solar is more affordable than ever. Most customers can go solar for $0 out of pocket. It’s time to take another look at solar.

Again, welcome to the website, take a look around and get to know us a little bit, but then please give us the opportunity to discuss your project with you. We love talking solar and would love to hear about your project.

Blue Skies,

Jeff Van Dam



Triple Line Solar has a double meaning.

The first is a reference to our Triple Bottom line business strategy. While most companies focus on a single bottom line; profit, we focus on 3 pillars; People, Planet , & Profit. Our goal at Triple Line Solar is sustainability; we do this by focusing on our employees and customers, the use of our natural resources and management of our waste, & the attainment of reasonable profit to allow for financial integrity.

The second meaning is less profound. In the world of electrical drawings a simple schematic used for obtaining permits is called a Single Line Diagram (SLD). A Single Line Diagram represents multiple conductors with 1 line. A more sophisticated drawing that shows the path of all 3 current carrying conductors is called a Triple Line.  Because we’ve chosen to raise the bar on solar installation by routing all the wiring in the wall, we feel we’re more “sophisticated” than the ocean of solar installers out there performing work at minimum requirements. Your solar system will look 3X better than your neighbors! :-)