Solar Learning Center

The Solar Learning Center in Murrieta is designed to support your understanding of solar; Learn how solar works, what rebates and incentives are available. How does it attach to the roof? Watch slideshows, view mock-ups, and flip through our installation photo album. We’ve created a museum like environment where you can learn about this new energy source for your home. We’ve found a lot of people have misconceptions about how solar works and how much it costs. Click on the map below to take a virtual 360º tour of our Solar Learning Center!


Our Solar Learning Center is setup to provide accurate estimates in just minutes. Right in front of your eyes we can pull up a satellite view of your home, measure your roof and determine how many solar modules could fit. We can also access your utility bills to see how much solar you really need. (Note: Our estimate will be much more accurate if we can login to your utility account or have a 12 month history of your electric bill.)

Perhaps you’re too busy to have someone come to your home to quote you solar or maybe you don’t feel comfortable with a stranger in your home. Our Murrieta based Solar Learning Center is a great resource to learn about solar and how it can bring comfort and peace of mind to your family. While here, you can also tour our warehouse and see our above-and-beyond level of organization. Did we mention free coffee?

Stop by today or call 951-677-2006 for an appointment!